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Founded by two brothers Nate Wolfe and Jason Wolfe, and a longtime friend Josh Everham in early 2017. Although all three had been playing for years together, but in separate bands, they finally merged. Feeling the need to complete the sound, Zach Alling was introduced to the band as the fourth member. After some time there was still something missing. Last but not least Jacey King came in as our 5th member. The five members form the “any genre” band EverWolfE.

Jason Wolfe
Lead Guitar / Vocals

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Born in Hong Kong, but raised in Duncan, SC. Jason was just a small town kid that grew up to have a passion for music. He was given an acoustic guitar for Christmas, when he was 12. He picked it right up and hasn’t put it down since, along with many different instruments he has picked up over the years. He has played for many bands and projects including recordings and live shows. He has even played them on many different instruments, but currently plays lead guitar and is front man for the band EverWolfE.

Joshua Everham
Bass Guitar


Josh, 25, born and raised in SC, with a passion for music. Josh has been part of multiple different bands from the beginning, Rise To The Heights, to a more progressive, To Avoid Confusion. Josh played along side guitarist Jason Wolfe in To Avoid Confusion, and Nate Wolfe In Morgan Riley. Unfortunately To Avoid Confusion parted ways and over time Jason and Josh joined Morgan Riley. After playing mostly rock/ metal for much of his career he decided to join the country group. After a few years Josh, Nate, and Jason, decided to leave and continued their aspiration to pursue music and EverWolfE was formed. Eventually Josh found his way into the bass position and contributing his unique style into the bands performance.

Zach Alling
Rhythm Guitar / Vocals


Zach, 24. Born into a family of musicians in Lyman, SC. Zach is a classically trained percussionist from age 10 but decided to pick up guitar when EverWolfE needed a rhythm guitarist. He continues to learn more and more, and loves his spot in the band.

Nate Wolfe


Nate Wolfe is a drummer born in Discovery Bay Hong Kong but raised in Duncan South Carolina. Watching his little brother (Jason Wolfe) thrive at at guitar he felt the need to join him and begged for a drum set for Christmas when he was 16 years old. He quickly fell in love with everything about the drums and decided that was what he wanted to do with his life. Now 27 years old Nate Wolfe plays in a band with his brother like they planned for many years and they call it EverWolfE.