Harley Davidson of Greenville’s last bike night of the year!!! The weather was great, the atmosphere was good. What better night could you ask for? There was a great turn out. We estimate there was about 1200 people that came out in total. The biggest cause for the night was to raise awareness for breast cancer. There was a bunch of cool stuff going on such as a pink firetruck, people grilling food, and of course the above video which was to raise money to support the Greenville Cancer Society.

Everwolfe came out and had a good time with the crowd. We had reconnected with old friends, and even made some new friends to add to the Everwolfe family. Everyone that came out we really appreciate all your support. Here is a set from last night:

Everwolfe national night out

EverWolfE takes Lyman by storm. National Night out was a great success. There was all kinds of free stuff, including food, drinks, snow cones, and much, much more. EverWolfE took to the stage from 6 til about 7 or 7:30. During intermission we had the Lyman choir sing a few songs. They did really awesome. Afterward EverWolfE hopped back on stage to finish the night out.

A really big shout out to Lyman for hosting us. Also to our sound man Andy Alling. Without him we wouldn’t sound nearly as tight. Thanks to all the vendors for being part of an incredible event. You really helped make the night.

October 3rd we are playing at Harley Davidson in Greenville. We would very much appreciate the support by coming out, or watching our Facebook live video.


Recently we have had a very big help from you guys on our social media pages. We want to say thank you to everyone who has liked our page, not only that, but who have helped us and followed us along the way. Thanks!!!!

Here are some of the comments you left us!!!


Thanks!!! We will try to keep up our variety, but don’t forget we also have original music in the works. Keep up to date with us and we will have some soon.


Thanks Marti!!!! It really means a lot, we try to stay humble. We are all in the game together. Why put someone else down to try and get ahead. That’s not how music is supposed to be. Thanks again.


We play parties, weddings, birthdays, you name it. You need a band EverWolfE is the band for you.


It is always a pleasure to play for a crowd that enjoys the music as much as we do. We strive to make every show this way. So far no disappointments and we are going to try and keep it that way.  We appreciate you guys!!!




October 2018

We have a few big shows on the horizon. Tuesday Oct 2 we play in Lyman downtown. We are playing an event called National Night Out, where everything is Free!!! You heard right Free!!! Free snow cones, free food, free drinks, and free entertainment from 6-9.

Also on Wednesday Oct 3 we are playing Harley Davidson in Greenville. Its right off I-85 and I-385 and Woodruff Rd. We expect to rock the night away. Come out for bike night to support breast cancer and cancer awareness. There’s going to be good food, and the money goes towards a good cause. Come see us perform at the Harley Davidson sound stage.

Coming up later in October we are playing at the House Divided on Woodruff Rd Oct 12, and Bastard Bash which happens to fall on Jason Wolfe’s birthday Oct 20 in Lyman. We would really love to see you guys come out and support our vocalists birthday. There will be food and drinks, and its basically a big party in a field.

We also have some business cards, and banners in the works. Be on the Lookout for that in the near future.